A Retainer Will Be Needed After Your Braces Have Been Removed

Traditional braces are frequently used to address misaligned teeth, malocclusion and overcrowding issues. The process requires regularly scheduled adjustments to alter the periodontal connective tissues that bond your teeth to the underlying gums. Once your teeth have achieved their ideal alignment the braces hardware can be uninstalled from your mouth. Yet will this is not the end of the process... read more »

Your New Retainer Needs Daily Oral Hygiene Measures

Now that your orthodontic braces have fully corrected the alignment of your teeth Dr. William K. Farrar, Jr. can uninstall the components from your mouth. This represents the start of the retention phase of the process. There will likely be some residual tension in your dental sockets. If it’s not countered by the regular use of a retainer it could... read more »

After Braces, a Retainer Will Help Keep Your Smile Straight

You’ve done it. You finished your time with braces and now you have a beautifully straight and even smile. Dr. Brenna Christensen has checked that your mouth is functioning well, and now it’s time to remove the braces! Now it’s time to make sure that progress stays by using a retainer. The retention phase of orthodontics care is incredibly important... read more »

Understanding the Retention Process After Your Braces Are Removed

Over the course of your routine adjustments the braces fitted on your teeth by West Cobb Orthodontics have gradually realigned your teeth for a more appealing smile and a healthier mouth. Once you’ve reached your ideal alignment your braces can be removed. However, the retention process is still the final step in making sure your teeth stay in their ideal... read more »

Taking Care of Your Retainer

Through the course of several alignment sessions your braces helped to pull your teeth into a better alignment. With your teeth in their new position your mouth will function better and you will have a more appealing smile. However, braces are just one step of the process of aligning your teeth. The second step involves wearing a retainer. A damaged... read more »